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The Best Wireless Bras of 2022

By: :Siv Jacobs 0 comments
The Best Wireless Bras of 2022
Wireless bras are losing their bad rep. There was a time when wireless bras were associated with smaller busts. Thought to be less supportive than an underwire or give you that awkward uniboob. Perhaps only good for lounging and probably not the best looking. But it’s safe to say that times have changed. 

Here at An Intimate Affaire we offer a great range of wireless bras that will lift, separate and shape you and look good too! Here’s our top 5 picks of 2022

Evelyn Bobbie Beyond (link to Beyond)
Sassybax Original Bralette (link to BR01)
Evelyn Bobbie Defy (link to Defy)
Rosa Faia Twin Non Wire Soft Bra (link to 5493)

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